Wednesday, June 1, 2011

epiphany @ work. .

so here i go after my morning coffee to tinkle in the ladies room. . . after im done im washig my hands and im looking in the bathroom mirror and idk what got into me but im like "DAMN SISTA!" i've really put on those pounds . . .my button down shirt doesn't even sway above my hips anymore ! seriously. . . i HAVE HAD IT. I REFUSE TO BE SELF CONCIOUS FOR YET ANOTHER SUMMER. . . ! LIKE WTF. . . Starting right now, im cutting all this bullshit. All these damn philly cheese steak sandwiches for lunch at work, and downing a whole bag of cheddar cheese quaker rice cakes at work just because theyre yummy ! and nomore late night fatty foods at the fritura spot. . .or late night trips to get cachapas in washington heights! IM SETTING A GOAL FOR MYSELF. . BY AUGUST 1st i wanna have lost at LEAST 10 Pounds. . maybe more who knows. . and to prove that i really had it im baring the most dreaded part of my body. . . MY STOMACH! This is so not like myself. . i feel so uncomfortable about the way my stomach looks i feel like i had 2 babys already ! Its my fault for not putting a stop to it a couple years back when the yoyo started rolling i would loose alot then gain even more back loose alot gain some more back loose a little gain a little back. . . it's aggravating already i dont wanna be the lil cute chubby girl with the cute face and the fat ass ! nuh uh. SE ACABO ! by the end of summer im going to look and feel amazing, im making a promise to my body and my heart .

grrr and u cant see it in the pic but i actually have some light few stretchmarks on my stomach wich is what i hate THE MOST ! but those wont go away ! i got them when i was about 13 and my body started changing alot , out of the blue! i cried for the whole summer that year about it!
you can see my chichos (jelly rolls) starting to layer ! ohhhhhhh no ! im not gonna be like that girl that cuddnt fit through the railings out the bus stop the other day !


  1. Woot Woot Get it girl! You will lose it just put some determination into it and you for sure will!!!

    Shameless plug but check out for tips and motivation and all that good jazz!

    I am thinking of what I want to write so I'll have something for you soon!

  2. I honestly think you look swell! maybe your not used to being the weight you are now but if i had your body i would be happy but I'm rooting for your weight loss!