Friday, April 22, 2011

Feeling very generous. . .GIVEWAY TIME !

Ok welll . . . Im finally at 20 followers ! YAY ! That might seem like shit to other's but to me it means so much because theres 20 people that i don't know out there that are interested in what i have to say ! Idk, i have been doing alot of generous things lately so hey why not do a GIVEAWAY as one more awesome deed by me ! = ) . . .  I have been doing so good lately and so many great things have been coming my way ! so heyyyy FUCK IT WHY NOT !!!!

I am giving four options. . .

1. Any two lipsticks from M.A.C, Colors of your choice.

2. Any item of your choice from forever 21.

3. A Mascara of your choice.

4. Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts giftcard 

Those being my options because those are  things i absolutely love and i know you ladies do also !


You must be a follower obviously, im not giving away anything to some random weirdo from the net that just wants in!

If you enter the giveaway, mention that you did in your blog aswell.

THATS IT ! Simple .  . .  : )

To enter just comment in this post, with a number  btwn 1-50

tell me what you have picked as your choice, and what you like most about my blog : D



EDIT: Dont ya just love you some " You dont know jacques " CAUSE I DO !!!

ay dios mio . . .

Howdyyyy! . . . how does that sound ?! lmao . Im off yay and i've been up since real early i've already drank 3 cups of coffee !!! oohllaaalaaa, my day has been put to a stop though. . . i come out my building ready to head to the hair salon and nail salon . . .i noticed hair salon #1 is closed ?! hmm ok maybe she's at the other one today so i proceed down featherbed lane. . and her other hair salon is also closed ! and another hair salon on the block is also closed !? WTF oh shit. . it's "viernes santo" (holy friday) next think you know im like whats all those cops down there and all those people , of course silly me! This procession is coming down my way ! as sad as it sounds instead of joining them i rushed up the blocks so i wouldn't be stuck in the middle and not being able to cross the street! . . . When i was little my grandmother or one of my aunts always MADE me go . . . ugh (my mom was never into that whole church shabbang stuff, she was always too busy working i guess) anyway. .  i believe in god and all that i just dont believe in "the church" to each it's own right ?! so ANYWAY, i really hope the hair salon's open late because this woman can not go on her date tonight if they don't !!!! Anyway, i finally ordered my new speedy 30 damier ebene canvas !!!!! my speedy 25 is about 5 years old and its about time to retire my baby! it's been great ! but i love the damier canvas way more then the classic monogram and the 30 is way spacier of course. . i will also be purchasing the neverfull PM late summer. . for school. They are just great quality bags they go with EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING EVERY SEASON EVERY COLOR ! and they are a great longtime investment. Anyway i should be receiving that within next week can't wait ! I also purchased a couple things from ulta. Laura Geller Bronze & Brighten in regular/medium . . i need a new bronzer for the summer i have more rosey kind of blushes for winter too blushy rosey cheeky for summer though so lets see how this works, also a couple of nail polishes they were on sale! That's really it. I went to this store in SoHo called Necessary clothing and let me tell you i went CRAZY! I bought about 3 different dresses 2 pairs of tights they were so cute one of them was like regular cloth material and had like leather patterns on the side and the other one had see through material on the side. I am too lazy too take pictures right now but i will deff be editing this later! ALSO, i've been trying to find time btwn work and all to go to the gym but seriously im so exhausted after i get out idk what to do ???! i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to commit myself to this, and to eating better cause that's another problem ! IM SO LAZY ! i dont wanna cook at 11pm when i come home or get up at 5 am so i can cook before going to work ?! OH HELL NO ! And i am SOOOO SOO SOOO Picky about my food's and where i get them from and who makes them so i usually end up eating deli sandwiches idk, i need help tips que se yo! HELP! I am also looking for gym bud's !!!!!!! all my friends suck and go to the gym early and r not going to come with me at 10:30-11 when i come out of work, so much for great friends! Screw you guys ! Oh and guess what. . . i Still haven't done laundry ?!?! LOL. . im nut's. Oh i have a couple vids to post on here too! So i'll also be adding those to the edit later on tonight!  

Later lovelies!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

yes the manicure is still good ladies!

so yeah i deff recommend the UV gel manicure so worth it . .  it should last me about another week . . lets see ! Anyway ladies forgive me i have been swamped with works and sleepovers! ; ) . . .ah yes but neway. Im off friday so i will be ranting and raving about some recent new buys and deals and stuffs i have so much to fill you in on . . . now i leave you with this adele cover of the cure's love song. . love the original but my girl adele killed this song with her amazing voice!

"no matter what words i say, i'll always love you. . ."


Friday, April 15, 2011

uv gel manicure

this was the best thing i've done for a while . . .

some Patou color there..... UHHH i was SOOO pissed because i had just got this new color i was dying to use (you dont know jacques) by O.P.I so i got stuck with this dark purple uh whatevs but anyways i got tired of hearing my friends rave about the gel manicure crap ! and i did it let me just say i love it. such a difference from a regular manicure. . . my nails chip easily cus of work so this is suppose to like not let that happen so lets see! anyway this is my first day off in like 2 weeks sooo lets see i have a trillion things to do ( shop for me,shop for 2 babyshower gifts,go to the bank wich is liek a trillion miles away yeah i moved to the bronx from queens and the nearest sovereign bank here is like a real damn trip! switching banks very soon uh yeahhh, go do my hair of course, go on a date and then attend a babyshower, um yeah im crammed oh and i almost forgot LAUNDRY!? im not even gonna have time for that ugh can u say drop off pick up laundry !? yes im gonna be lazy and waste my money for once but i honestly have no time by the time i leave the laundry is still closed by the time i get back it is CLOSED ! so where does that leave me UH !? guess im gonna have to make one of my roomies pick that up for me !? neways yeah i have sooo soo much more to say. . .but ill finish that later . . .deff will be editing this ! i have missed blogging dearly uhh ! and reading all your amazing blogs! i will be catching up today on my phone ! xOxO , Laterr lovelies !

its 10:31PM IM DONE WITH MY DAILY DUES! minus laundry of course hahaha , im ready for friday not even if i have to work at 9am tommorow :( . . .here are some pictures i just did my hurrr ! omg i love my hair lady shout outss to you antonia! lmao not that ne of you's know her.... just saying 

Happy friday ! XoXo

Saturday, April 9, 2011


heyy ladies! i know i know where the *^%ck have i been !? well ladies yes i took the JOB! i am now officially a slave to humanity working an average about 75 hours in total with both jobs. . ! FML!? i haven't even had time to go get my hair done this week!!! THATS PRETTY CRAZY FOR ME ! being that i do my hair every friggin friday ! or thursday. . .sometimes. . anyways that's so besides the fact i just got home from work, its 11:39pm i am beyond exhausted and stressed out i LOVE my new job dont get me wrong but it is so much pressure just being thrown at me, today was my 3rd day and i already know every possible thing to do at that place. Im a manager for the first time and it feels like UH OMG WTF!? So much responsibility falls on your shoulders, W.E i'll get over it. I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION THE MOST AWESOME PART ABOUT THIS JOB!  One of my besties hooked me up with it, she's managing the main office, LOVE HER SO FRIKING MUCH! This girl ( Gabriela ) is amazing, she's been in my life for 9 years and that broad aint goin' noweaaaaaaaa!  
aduhh yes that is the infamous GABI ! (riding the train back home after work)

SO YEAH. . . .tommorow sunday, I have a meeting at my first job ( Ann Taylor ) at 8:30 . . . idk the fuck for WHAT?! we just had our quarter meeting in march, some new system supposedly blah blah BS! and then after that i have to go to job numero DOS ! yay me, my social life is pretty much GONE basically so yeah screw me! . . .I was supposed to go out on this date tonight @Mamajuana Cafe, great place for future reference! . . .and guess what yeah i blew the poor nice guy off! Im just exhausted im literally doing this because i have been editing this post since wednesday night and i have not found the time to finish it so i just started over today and FUCK IT! So im forcing myself to stop procrastinating on my blog! I START WHAT I FINISH ! SOOOOOOO I'm NOT gonna blow you girls off again! I appreciate all of my followers and taking the little piece of life and time to come and read up on my blog! Well girls i dont have much to say since i dont have a damn social life anymore! -____- i will try to keep u as updated as possible ! Much love too all of youuu, OH I JUST DISCOVERED I HAVE A NEW MALE FOLLOWER! I guess i cant say "Ladies" Anymore haha even though 99 percent of my followers are female! . . . until next time bloggie lovers!

Monday, April 4, 2011


so i love this video and this song, worked another 1o hours today, im drained, until wednesday ladyssss ! <3

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hey guys ! It's Saturday, quick blog . . AGAIN! yes forgive me! ive been busy working! these past 2 days all dayyyyyy ! BUT ANYWAYS ... i would like to thank Frugalspender19 for awarding me the "Versatile Blogger Award" ! Thank you so much ! i have yet a week on blogger and im feeling the love oh SO MUCH ! xoxo. . .

And now to pass on the award. . .
-Silquia's Fashion Blog

now im supposed too pass this on to like 15 ppl but i only passed it on to 4 cus i dont even think i read 15 blogs...YET! lol. . . and write 7 things about myself. . . and blah,im very grateful for the award but im kind of half asleep right now and im procrastinating as usual . . ok ok ok . . .well 7 things about myself. .

- Im obsessed with katy perry and kanye west's song E.T right now , its on repeat all day omw to work from work on my break while im showering on my speakers. . . EVERYWHERE.


- coffee is my bestfriend ! 

-im a serial dater <3

- i get really pissed off when i cant find something in my house i throw a tantrum freak out and turn the apt upside down start crying and yelling and shaking and then when i find it im just like oh ok! so yeah neways ! bi polar ?much !? yeah im a crazy bitch.

-i have absolutely no hairs on my tounges, not even for my momma, i got it from her ha <3

- i will ALWAYS love britney spears, until the day i die, she is THE SHIT, screw you haters.

so there ya have it .  .  . uhhh i had a long weekend and im on 5 day work binge ( so not use to this ) i have a really bad headache. I DEFINITELY found the next best thing from coffee on earth! this lemon lime seltzer water from duane reade , the DELISH brand ! 2 bucks, thing is huge ! and taste like SPRITE !!!!!!!!!!!! AND i also tried soychips i always get popchips. . .cheddar potatoe..yammm! soychips not as good but way healthier and they taste like peanut butter <3. but YEAH unfortunately this will be yet another SHORT post . . . : ( i am so tireddd . . and i have to be up in a couple hours. wed ill finally have a day off and i promise to give you a long and juicy update and insight of whats really going on in my life! but for now i leave you with some REALLY RANDOM pic's from over my weekend. . .some at work... some at home. . . some IDK ?!lol . . . haha

Later lovelies! XoXo 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

devil in a tight dress girl you a killa. . .

lalalala, so i might have had a crazy night last night . . .

 ladidadyyyyyyyyy dont judge me
. Anyways i have to go to work ! : ( FML, on the bright side my daddy comes from jersey today! So im heading to gma's house after work to see the daddy and stepmomma and little rugrats ! . . . maybe ill edit this from my phone and add some more random incidents and illusive storys.

LATER! xoxo