Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And so my vacation approaches. . Punta Cana here i come!

See that lil purrty place up there ^^ I WILL BE THERE APR 3-9 ! Yes thank god i am going on this vaca( vaca aka lets be drunk in the pool/beach all day eat all day talk to cute tourist from canada and dance all night and fall asleep on our balconies) he sure knows i need it! I have been waiting for this week to come what seems like FOREVER! I am extremley excited to be going on this vacation with the DOUBLE GEE's! Gabriela (my bff) & Gloria ! My cousin Jessie will be meeting us there for 3 days but like i said this chick is beyondddddddd excited. I have been going through so much bullsheeit at the work place and working like a slaveeeeee to afford this vacation! lol but i treated myself  because i damn sure works hard for my dough! YAHHHHHH!
So i went shopping last weekend and found SOO many cute things at Forever 21! And sooooo very cheappp! Here's a couple of things i bought!

If anyone knows how it is to shop in the city YOU KNOW how hard it is to find the goodies! 
Lucky for me we drove up to the cross county mall in yonkers! And i had a ball, I must confess i am probably one of the few girls that don't enjoy the shit outta some shopppin! it stresses me out! I kinda just wanna go in grab what i want and go this time i stood in there for about 2 hours i was like woahhhh kid! 

So i also did a little style change on my blogger template today! I kinda like the new feel....i was getting sick and tired of the old blueyyy orangey thing i had going on ! YA LIKE !? Any way let me get back to work before i get fired :-) How was your weekend? Any plans for spring break !?


  1. Love the stripped dress! that is so cute!

    1. And it was only 9 Bucks can you believe it ! lol talk about fashion on a bargain!

  2. great selections ...
    Thanks for visiting my blog now following you too doll !


  3. Really nice selections!

    Lovely blog! New follower :D