Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hey guys ! It's Saturday, quick blog . . AGAIN! yes forgive me! ive been busy working! these past 2 days all dayyyyyy ! BUT ANYWAYS ... i would like to thank Frugalspender19 for awarding me the "Versatile Blogger Award" ! Thank you so much ! i have yet a week on blogger and im feeling the love oh SO MUCH ! xoxo. . .

And now to pass on the award. . .
-Silquia's Fashion Blog

now im supposed too pass this on to like 15 ppl but i only passed it on to 4 cus i dont even think i read 15 blogs...YET! lol. . . and write 7 things about myself. . . and blah,im very grateful for the award but im kind of half asleep right now and im procrastinating as usual . . ok ok ok . . .well 7 things about myself. .

- Im obsessed with katy perry and kanye west's song E.T right now , its on repeat all day omw to work from work on my break while im showering on my speakers. . . EVERYWHERE.


- coffee is my bestfriend ! 

-im a serial dater <3

- i get really pissed off when i cant find something in my house i throw a tantrum freak out and turn the apt upside down start crying and yelling and shaking and then when i find it im just like oh ok! so yeah neways ! bi polar ?much !? yeah im a crazy bitch.

-i have absolutely no hairs on my tounges, not even for my momma, i got it from her ha <3

- i will ALWAYS love britney spears, until the day i die, she is THE SHIT, screw you haters.

so there ya have it .  .  . uhhh i had a long weekend and im on 5 day work binge ( so not use to this ) i have a really bad headache. I DEFINITELY found the next best thing from coffee on earth! this lemon lime seltzer water from duane reade , the DELISH brand ! 2 bucks, thing is huge ! and taste like SPRITE !!!!!!!!!!!! AND i also tried soychips i always get popchips. . .cheddar potatoe..yammm! soychips not as good but way healthier and they taste like peanut butter <3. but YEAH unfortunately this will be yet another SHORT post . . . : ( i am so tireddd . . and i have to be up in a couple hours. wed ill finally have a day off and i promise to give you a long and juicy update and insight of whats really going on in my life! but for now i leave you with some REALLY RANDOM pic's from over my weekend. . .some at work... some at home. . . some IDK ?!lol . . . haha

Later lovelies! XoXo 


  1. Awww, I am very honor to be up there. Love the pics!!!!

    Sorry you had to be a slave to WORKKKKK ahhhhhhh...but us mami's gotta bring in the bacon to keep it flyyyyy <3


  2. You look like someone who's really fun to be around. Anyways, I liked your follower :)
    Congrats on your award.

  3. Thank you sooo much for the award! :)
    I will be doing my 7 things asap...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog love!

    Glad to see you like MTTM shirts as well...
    Contact me if you're interested in buying some for a great DEAL! $


  4. really inspiring blog I love how personal it is..I follow you now and I hope you follow me back . Wait for you at

  5. How cool. I love the last photo of you, and I'm Dominican as well!

  6. heyy, I really love your blog girl!

    You are so funny too! gotta love my dominicanas!
    p.s. I am also dominican! <3