Wednesday, July 6, 2011


SOOOOOOO BIG BUMMER! I didn't get to go ot the lakes . . we had some friends that were gonna get there earlier and hold the spot for us but they called us and said that it was WAY TOO PACKED there was NO ROOM, and NO PARKING -___- and it was 8am so imagineeeeeeeeeeee . . . uhh yeah we ended up going to sherwood island state park & beach in conneticut. No pictures ? WHY ? cus i left my camera of course i always do! and i was too busy having fun and forgot i had a phone : )

SO YEAH. . . i went out last night . .  some really last minute thing.
i was literally thrown on my couch almost falling asleep and my cousin literally threw a pillow in my face and said we out! we have to be ready in 10 mins. . WOAH 10 mins ?!? to go out to a LOUNGE ?! mind u my hair wasn't even straightened since i had went to the beach it was curled up and weird looking. . so i pulled it off literally got ready in 10 mins, what do u think ?!

i threw on a plain little black dress and some black booties. . and did some weird updo little thingy . .simple make up no eye shadow just a bit of powder and a bit of blush and mascara. . .

WELL ALL, hope you enjoyed your fourth of july weekend . . .i'll be back soon ; ]



  1. where is the beach in CT? I am always looking for new beaches! lol and how much in toll! lol and how far from the bx lol

  2. You look amazing...I love your dress. It's hot. =>

  3. Its exit 18 on the 95 toll is cheap only one way parking is 22 bucks on weekends ..

  4. Sounds like a great weekend!

    and you look hot! I love the black dress :)