Saturday, April 9, 2011


heyy ladies! i know i know where the *^%ck have i been !? well ladies yes i took the JOB! i am now officially a slave to humanity working an average about 75 hours in total with both jobs. . ! FML!? i haven't even had time to go get my hair done this week!!! THATS PRETTY CRAZY FOR ME ! being that i do my hair every friggin friday ! or thursday. . .sometimes. . anyways that's so besides the fact i just got home from work, its 11:39pm i am beyond exhausted and stressed out i LOVE my new job dont get me wrong but it is so much pressure just being thrown at me, today was my 3rd day and i already know every possible thing to do at that place. Im a manager for the first time and it feels like UH OMG WTF!? So much responsibility falls on your shoulders, W.E i'll get over it. I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION THE MOST AWESOME PART ABOUT THIS JOB!  One of my besties hooked me up with it, she's managing the main office, LOVE HER SO FRIKING MUCH! This girl ( Gabriela ) is amazing, she's been in my life for 9 years and that broad aint goin' noweaaaaaaaa!  
aduhh yes that is the infamous GABI ! (riding the train back home after work)

SO YEAH. . . .tommorow sunday, I have a meeting at my first job ( Ann Taylor ) at 8:30 . . . idk the fuck for WHAT?! we just had our quarter meeting in march, some new system supposedly blah blah BS! and then after that i have to go to job numero DOS ! yay me, my social life is pretty much GONE basically so yeah screw me! . . .I was supposed to go out on this date tonight @Mamajuana Cafe, great place for future reference! . . .and guess what yeah i blew the poor nice guy off! Im just exhausted im literally doing this because i have been editing this post since wednesday night and i have not found the time to finish it so i just started over today and FUCK IT! So im forcing myself to stop procrastinating on my blog! I START WHAT I FINISH ! SOOOOOOO I'm NOT gonna blow you girls off again! I appreciate all of my followers and taking the little piece of life and time to come and read up on my blog! Well girls i dont have much to say since i dont have a damn social life anymore! -____- i will try to keep u as updated as possible ! Much love too all of youuu, OH I JUST DISCOVERED I HAVE A NEW MALE FOLLOWER! I guess i cant say "Ladies" Anymore haha even though 99 percent of my followers are female! . . . until next time bloggie lovers!

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