Friday, April 22, 2011

ay dios mio . . .

Howdyyyy! . . . how does that sound ?! lmao . Im off yay and i've been up since real early i've already drank 3 cups of coffee !!! oohllaaalaaa, my day has been put to a stop though. . . i come out my building ready to head to the hair salon and nail salon . . .i noticed hair salon #1 is closed ?! hmm ok maybe she's at the other one today so i proceed down featherbed lane. . and her other hair salon is also closed ! and another hair salon on the block is also closed !? WTF oh shit. . it's "viernes santo" (holy friday) next think you know im like whats all those cops down there and all those people , of course silly me! This procession is coming down my way ! as sad as it sounds instead of joining them i rushed up the blocks so i wouldn't be stuck in the middle and not being able to cross the street! . . . When i was little my grandmother or one of my aunts always MADE me go . . . ugh (my mom was never into that whole church shabbang stuff, she was always too busy working i guess) anyway. .  i believe in god and all that i just dont believe in "the church" to each it's own right ?! so ANYWAY, i really hope the hair salon's open late because this woman can not go on her date tonight if they don't !!!! Anyway, i finally ordered my new speedy 30 damier ebene canvas !!!!! my speedy 25 is about 5 years old and its about time to retire my baby! it's been great ! but i love the damier canvas way more then the classic monogram and the 30 is way spacier of course. . i will also be purchasing the neverfull PM late summer. . for school. They are just great quality bags they go with EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING EVERY SEASON EVERY COLOR ! and they are a great longtime investment. Anyway i should be receiving that within next week can't wait ! I also purchased a couple things from ulta. Laura Geller Bronze & Brighten in regular/medium . . i need a new bronzer for the summer i have more rosey kind of blushes for winter too blushy rosey cheeky for summer though so lets see how this works, also a couple of nail polishes they were on sale! That's really it. I went to this store in SoHo called Necessary clothing and let me tell you i went CRAZY! I bought about 3 different dresses 2 pairs of tights they were so cute one of them was like regular cloth material and had like leather patterns on the side and the other one had see through material on the side. I am too lazy too take pictures right now but i will deff be editing this later! ALSO, i've been trying to find time btwn work and all to go to the gym but seriously im so exhausted after i get out idk what to do ???! i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to commit myself to this, and to eating better cause that's another problem ! IM SO LAZY ! i dont wanna cook at 11pm when i come home or get up at 5 am so i can cook before going to work ?! OH HELL NO ! And i am SOOOO SOO SOOO Picky about my food's and where i get them from and who makes them so i usually end up eating deli sandwiches idk, i need help tips que se yo! HELP! I am also looking for gym bud's !!!!!!! all my friends suck and go to the gym early and r not going to come with me at 10:30-11 when i come out of work, so much for great friends! Screw you guys ! Oh and guess what. . . i Still haven't done laundry ?!?! LOL. . im nut's. Oh i have a couple vids to post on here too! So i'll also be adding those to the edit later on tonight!  

Later lovelies!


  1. Lol, you are too funny! and i also believe in God but not the church. i guess most Dominicans like us think that way, and about the eating healthy tip, i know it's super hard, especially with the foods we're used to eating. have you tried subway or the special K diet? i heard they're really good.

    P.S if i lived in NYC i would be your gym buddy but i only come here on occasions. good luck finding someone :)

  2. You sound like such a cute, hyper gal! Hahah i love it . I love happy people period. Turns my day up =)