Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Forgive me bloggers for i have missed a day!"

Woah so what a CRAZY day it was yesterday! Out of the house all day and i came home from work at about 10pm. Came home too a house full of crazies as always. . . and then created my own "Nail Polish Party!" . . . I stopped by at target earlier in the day before work to get some things for house (toilet paper,laundry detergent,PINESOL!" but of course. . i had to swing by the cosmetics section and decided i needed ONE new nail polish . . and i basically went on a nail polish FRENZY, dont judge me. Great colors, great prices, what girl can resist beauty on a bargain!? . . Well i thought i'd share . . i Have only used one so far . .
Same color shown on my nails. . with the exception of my ring finger which has a top coat of SHATTER by O.P.I . . of course. It's GREAT , Wet n Wild (Private viewing 204A).
Before i continue showing you my nail polish frenzy . . I came across this revlon lipstick. And let me say im definitely a picky lipstick person, Some lipsticks are too dry for me, too wet, too matte, too shiny. . blah blah. The only lipsticks i have really used ALOT especially this past summer . .were Viva glam gaga and blankety by mac as well. But this lipstick oh my god. . It is PERFECT like omg i cant even begin. . . I just woke up so i wont dare put lipstick on but ill take a picture later with it on and let you girls see the beauty!
And the best part about it is . . .8.00 !!!!!! doesn't get better than that! It's (Revlon Colorburst;Soft nude 070) I REALLY REALLY recommend it ! 
EDIT: Like i said i would be posting up pics of the lipstick on myself!

So moving on with the nail polish. . Like i said i haven't used the other ones but i did paint my pinky nail with this Sinful Colors(Folly 795) Beautiful bright but toned down! Pictured with little miss folly. . is Essie(Fifth Avenue) . . Thought it was cute for the spring and summer.
And OOH OHH OHH another color i fell in LOVE with Wet n' Wild Shine(Blazed/437f)
And LASTLY i needed a new Top coat nail polish. . I picked up a Top coat by O.P.I, its really glossy and dry's fast! thumbs up from me since Im always top coating my nails before i run out the door !
And i also picked up a miniature version of the moisturizer that i SWEAR BY! My face tends to get really dry during the cold weather so I'm always needing to put moisturizer on my face and what more perfect than this to carry around that bag of yours! Cant say no to it! 2 BUCKS !

So yes that was my little target haul ladies! . . . It's not so cute out it's been raining all morning and it's supposed to SNOW ! -__- This cold weather has really been blowing mine! GO AWAY YOU NASTY COLD BREEZE! I need some fun in the sun! Am i the only one that really misses going out to eat sitting outside sippin' on a drink while people walk by you in envy !? UH YESS ! My 2nd Home in summer is Blockheads in the city! And Dessert Palace in brooklyn! both GREAT places. SOOO its finally here! YESS! OPENING DAY FOR MY BOYS ! Let's get this championship Yankees! I'll be home watching it unfortunately! : ( But watevsssssssss! Ill Be there soon! Its gonna' be a great season i feel it! Im waiting for a package fedex is slowing down my productivity for real man! I need to go do my  HURRR! yes. . .with this ugly weather and all! blah.

Until next time dolls ! Deuces ! 


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  1. You look pretty, and ESSIE is one of my favorite brands of nail polish. have you tried ZOYA?