Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So what's next ?

Day 2 of blogging for me! @ home off from work with a million thing's to do and idk where to start so i decided to blog lol, Im such a procrastinator it's disgusting. So i share an apt with my cousin and his girlfriend and they're crazy cute little munchkin Devin!
I swear he is the funniest baby alive! You'll be hearing a lot about him!

So anyways, we all live in one happy big apartment, My mom live's upstate and she came down to visit this weekend because it was my little brothers birthday it was great seeing them, im such a momma's girl! I missed her so much! And we got my bro a cake and all that good yummy stuff!  . . . My little brother is another character he does all these crazy funny random things, I mean i cant blame him. . . I am his sister and all! Lol, I wake up and came to realize he took over my labtop with one of my best friends (RACHEL) who is ALSO a character!
Im just surrounded by CRAZIES!

I love them all very much. . . I guarantee you'll be getting alot of laughs out of all these crazy people in my life. So saturday night we attend a birthday party and rachel decides she is going to switch seats. . .well more like make this random guy sitting at the corner of the couch to GET UP so she can sit there and throw down a vase of candy all by herself. . . i had not noticed until i looked over and saw her digging her face into this vase like a little RAT! Well of course . . .It IS Rachel what can you expect. . 

So . . .Moving on too something much more relevant. . I am being offered another job . . . Idk what to do im stuck in between the world of high end retail . . and a sedentary job BLAH! Idk what to do ! The money is WAY BETTER! But at the end of the day i DO LOVE my self-centered, Stuck up, Snotty, Rich clients ! :( Ill be making a decision this week so i will keep you posted! Also i have started my "March to summer HAWT!" diet . . . yeah that's what we call it. . . It's so hard trying to eat healthy when you are BARELY home, and you work in the city and go to school in the city and everything healthy is about an ARM AND A LEG ! Uhh HELLO, Single student working retail paying bills! WERE TALKING ABOUT A REAL BUDGET HERE ! I use to spend about 30 Bucks on meals and coffee MONDAY THRU FRIDAY! Lets not even go there about my addiction to chipotle and they're awesome GUACAMOLE ! Anyways, I NEED HELP! I really want to take on this new "healthy eating habits" but it is so damn hard when you are out of home from 7 to 10 pm at night ! ( when im off i do eat really healthy at home ) Oh and did i mention i LOVE WINE, AND LONG ISLAND ICED TEAS,MIMOSAS,TEQUILA,MARGARITAS,COSMOS,SCREWDRIVERS! That doesn't help much either! . . . AND I MUST find time to go to the gym! ; / OH MY  . . .AND THEN TO TOP THIS ALL OFF . . . Im kind of dating this guy who works late. . and LOVES to pick me up at 12 am and DRAG me to eat all this YUMMY calorie packed GREASY food that taste like HEAVEN! I am a cry for guidance right now ! 
Literally, MY LIFE IS HECTIC right now and i feel and look like SHIT! 
Im doing crazy things like this. . .And i cant help it. . I need at least 3 glasses of wine to get me through my homework ! Is that a cry for help or what !

Well . . Off i go to TRY and do as much as i can without procrastinating. . .wow this was a really long post.. but i guess i needed to get alot off my chest !
Thank you all for reading, And if you have any tips for me they are really appreciated!


  1. Thanks for following and stopping bye!!!! Love your blog as well, don't you love the mac and the effects on the photo booth!!!

    Will be following you as well =]

    By the way the baby is adorableeeeeeeeee

    P.S Sangria is my shit too lol ughhhh why the good things are so bad lol


  2. I KNOW !!!! Lol, I think liquor is like my biggest temptation . . i've managed to cut off a lot of things . . but liquor is just one i cant seem to let go of ! LOL ! But yeah thanks for coming by also ! Stay in touch ! xoxo

  3. Ha ha Those pictures are soo funny, seems like everyone is loving the "distortion" of pictures, I know I AM! :D

    Thanks for your comment!
    Now following and stay touched for more posts


  4. ha ha love how random and FUN this post was!

  5. you're gorgeous boo. ;)

    check out the blog hun